Another win for a collective business voice from North Vancouver.  The Policy Resolution submitted by the NV Chamber at the recent BC Chamber AGM, “Retraining Underemployed Workforce to Meet Opportunities in the BC Tech Sector, was unanimously adopted by the BC Chamber business membership. We are proud to have working together on this Policy with the North Shore Immigrant Inclusion Partnership (NSIIP). This Policy will help support of the many talented immigrants in our community who are challenged at finding technical work in their field of expertise.  The adoption of this resolution means that the entire BC Chamber community has endorsed this proposed course of action and will taking this discussion to the provincial government.   The NV Chamber now has a total of 6 Policies in the BC Chamber Policy Manual representing the business interests of North Vancouver.


      1. NVC Resolution – Retraining Underemployed Workforce to Meet Needs of BC Tech Sector (2020)
      2. Enhancing Support of Cycling as Mode of Workforce Transportation (2019)
      3. Raising the Cap: Supporting B.C. Business with Credit Union Capital (2019)
      4. Supporting Canada’s Steelmaking Coal Industry (renewed 2019)
      5. Protection of Industrial Lands for Future Prosperity (renewed 2019)
      6. Transportation Connecting the North Shore and Metro Vancouver: Quantifying the Economic Impact and Defining the Solutions (2018)