YiR image 2023

We are proud to share our North Vancouver Chamber Year in Review 2022-2023

The past year saw more than enough change under usual circumstances, but considering the previous two years of COVID, it was a welcome reconnect with our community and an opportunity to begin to track a path forward. We are proud to have remained responsive and able to play a role in supporting the business community of North Vancouver as we all faced the choice of evolution or revolution in the way we do business. We hope this summary ‘Year in Review’ will give you confidence that your voice is heard, and your fellow business owners, leaders, and employees have your back.  The North Vancouver Chamber continues to work hard on your behalf.  As we are supporting you, we too need your support.  We are not-for-profit, and we ask you to remain committed and connected to your North Vancouver Chamber and to bring others along to join our mission.  Our best to you all.

Remember to Buy Local, Shop Local, Learn Local and Support Local.