It’s Our Business:   Substance Use & the Workplace

Drugs & Alcohol in workplace 2023



Alcohol and drugs are part of our society.

Watch this panel discussion to learn more about dealing with their impact in your workplace. We discuss questions you might have, such as:

  • Recognizing the warning signs at work
  • Responding safely and effectively
  • HR and legal considerations
  • Where to find help

Target Audience:   For everybody including employers, managers/supervisors, and employees who are interested in learning about substance use and it’s impact in the workplace, health impacts of substance use, legal and HR implications, and most importantly how to support those affected.

Additional Resources:

Alex Choi  MD MHSc CCFP FRCPC    Dr. Alex Choi is the Medical Health Officer for the North Shore at Vancouver Coastal Health. She is a dual-certified family physician and public health specialist physician, and a Clinical Instructor at UBC. She holds a Medical Degree from McMaster University, and a Master’s degree in Clinical Epidemiology from UBC, and has served populations through public health work at the local, regional, and international levels.

Julianne Yeager – Yeager Employment LawJulianne is an employment lawyer and business owner at Yeager Employment Law. In her practice as a legal advisor to North Vancouver businesses, her mission is to inform business owners about their rights and obligations as employers and help to simplify the tangle of rules that governs employment in this province. She feels successful when she helps a local business to overcome a difficult workplace dispute or improve their contracts and policies to bring clarity and efficiency to their relationships with their staff.

Graham McDonald –   Coming to BC from Ontario in 1990, Graham spent his first 14 years in the Pemberton Valley & Whistler working in the food service industry. He has raised his family on the North Shore and has been active in the Vancouver Film Industry. Graham’s lived experience with addiction and mental health recovery has become a part of his Peer Work with Vancouver Coastal Health and Stepping Stones Addiction Services. Graham is active on the North Shore supporting adults with their own wellness journeys, meeting people where they are at, inspired by Hope.

Moderator:   Patrick Stafford-Smith, CEO of North Vancouver Chamber