The North Vancouver Chamber is proud to celebrate the local businesses that go above and beyond in their commitment to business excellence.  The Business Excellence Awards is an annual recognition of these successful businesses and their contributions to our economy and their passion for the North Vancouver community.




HTEC – Hydrogen Technology Energy Corporation



HTECHTEC is unlocking hydrogen’s potential to reduce pollution and climate change by building hydrogen supply solutions and station networks to support the rollout of fuel cell electric vehicles. HTEC’s business is built on two platforms: 1) Hydrogen Infrastructure, which is hydrogen production and processing facilities, distribution systems, and fueling stations in key North American markets, and 2) Hydrogen Technology Solutions where they deliver engineering, design, and specialty products and solutions to clients globally. HTEC uses the electrolyzer they are building to produce clean hydrogen using hydropower, which can then be used to provide fuel at their stations.


Honourable Mentions

Tatras Contracting Group