The North Vancouver Chamber stands in strong support of the North Shore’s three municipal governments and two First Nations formation of North Shore Connects. North Shore Connects is a united call for rapid transit across the Burrard Inlet. We also applaud the strong efforts and actions of our local MLA Bowinn Ma and MP Jonathan Wilkinson in moving this issue forward.

The North Vancouver Chamber is proud to be standing strong with those leading the charge to get rapid transit to, from and across the north shore. We have a long history of leadership in this discussion. Since 2016, the North Vancouver Chamber and associated leadership group Economic Partnership North Vancouver (now North Shore or EPNS) has led the call for action to deal with our “ECONOMY in GRIDLOCK”.

Some of the North Vancouver Chamber and EPNS “firsts” on this issue include:
• In 2016, we were among the first to call for a “fixed-link” rapid transit link across the Burrard inlet.
• In 2016, we were the first to convene meetings and roundtable discussions with all the municipal, provincial and federal government and Translink executives on the issue.
• In 2018, we were the first to call for an Economic Impact Study to further strengthen the position that rapid transit investment across the Burrard Inlet has significant economic benefits not seen by comparable regional projects. This resulted in Federal funding in support of the study.
• In 2020/21, the NV Chamber was proud to have been a leading and active contributor in the Working Group that resulted in the 2021 Benefits of Rapid Transit to the North Shore study.

The North Shore now stands in a strong united front. There will be no better time to get the funding commitments for rapid transit to, from and across the North Shore. This will support our economy, our local employers and the entire community of North Vancouver.

The time to act is now.


Photo – Top: North Shore Connects Launch (Oct 2021)  L-R: NVC CEO, Patrick Stafford-Smith, CNV – Mayor Linda Buchanan, Squamish Nation Chair, Dustin Rivers ‘Khelsilem’,  MLA – Lonsdale, Bowinn Ma, DWV – Mayor Mary-Ann Booth, DNV – Mayor Mike Little, Tsliel-Waututh Nation Councillor, Dennis Thomas, MP – North Vancouver, Jonathan Wilkinson.

Photo – lower left:  Roundtable on Regional Transportation (Nov 2016) – Read More

Photo – lower right: Transportation Summit (Jan 2018) – Read More

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