Tidey’s Trophies Stays Relevant Amongst Significant Industry Changes

“I’m North Shore through and through,” said Brad Hext, owner of Tidey’s Trophies. “We live and do business in this place, a big part of our feel is that we’re local.”

Tidey’s has been a part of the North Vancouver business scene since the early ‘90s, when it was formed as a spin-off of a successful lock and key business.

“The key business entailed quite a bit of engraving and that wasn’t that far away from trophies, that’s how he broke off and moved to the trophies side of the business,” Brad said referring to Alec Tidey, the founder of Tidey’s Trophies.

Brad bought the business from Tidey in 2007 and now runs it with his wife, Alina.

“A huge part of us working together is our vested interest is at maximum which you don’t always get from an employee/employer relationship,” Brad said. “Our hard work is directly rewarded.”

“We get what we put in,” Alina added.

Since taking over the business, Brad – and Alina when she joined the team in 2011 – were consistently on the look out for ventures that would allow Tidey’s to be even more of a niche market.

They acquired North-West Engraving in 2013, and although it was a nerve-wracking business venture, it’s one they’ve seen benefit Tidey’s.

“That was the moment I learned how to engrave,” Alina said. “That really threw me into engraving and we are now one of the only places that does a lot of the more challenging pieces so people do seek us out.”

“It has really grown the business and diversified what we can do,” Alina said. “We can now do pretty much everything.”

According to Brad, acquiring North-West Engraving posed a fundamental change to the business.

“We shifted from strictly doing this relatively basic engraving work on trophies and moved towards jewelry, silverware, ship bells [just to name a few], the kind of work you won’t find in another shop in the lower mainland.”

Both Alina and Brad recognize how the industry has changed, but believe their ability to engrave the way they do will keep them relevant.

People need us, they need to find us and they seek us out because we offer services that other people don’t and that’s probably what’s most relevant to us,” Brad said.

With close to 12 years at Tidey’s, Brad has had many significant moments stick out to him, but the one that always comes to mind is Tidey’s participation in the North Shore Sport Awards, a collaboration which initiated close to 20 years ago.

“That is something we are always proud to be part of in North Van,” Brad said.

Alina and Brad say it’s rare they actually get to attend events they make products for, which makes the North Shore Sport Awards even more significant.

“The awards is the thing we go as attendees and presenters and really enjoy that part of it, it’s the most community-oriented event,” Brad said. “It’s local.”

And participating in local events and organizations is something of utmost importance to both Brad and Alina.

Long-Time Chamber Members

Tidey’s Trophies has been a member of the North Vancouver Chamber for 21 years. “I’ve always been a Chamber member, for as long as I’ve owned the business, we’ve maintained our membership.”

When it comes to this membership, Brad is quick to encourage others to get involved.

“I can’t think of any reason why you wouldn’t join, why not get on that website and that resource network,” Brad said.

They even offer Chamber members a 10 to 20 per cent discount at Tidey’s.

“All of us on the north shore enjoy that bit of camaraderie,” Brad said. “We like supporting local businesses.”

“We’re here to stay.”

Tidey’s Trophies has been in North Vancouver for a long time and as the industry has shifted, so has Tidey’s to stay relevant and offer residents exceptional services.

“In spite of all the change, we continue our core business and are still doing what we have always done in providing great trophy services in this town,” Brad said. “We’re not going anywhere, this is our home.”