What is GrowthHub?

GrowthHub links businesses and students to create designed to address the business’s need while providing students with relevant experience and employable skills. The North Vancouver Chamber co-created this partnership with Capilano University to develop a real life learning for students that could be win-win and support local business challenges. Before each University semester, we will be matching local employers to instructors/students at Cap U. Each projects runs for the duration of the semester. Fall: Sept - Dec Spring: Jan - April Summer: May - Jun & Jul - Aug

What to Expect


Learn more from our partner toolkit.

Top 3 Reasons to Join GrowthHub

    1. Gain a New Perspective

    Sometimes you have been staring at a problem for so long that you just feel stuck, or maybe you are looking for an out-of-the-box idea. Participating in GrowthHub projects provides you with an opportunity to apply new perspectives to your particular challenges.

    2. Check Off that To-Do List

    Everyone has that project that they would love to get to, but just do not have the capacity to give it the time it deserves. GrowthHub provides you with a group of students dedicated to tackling that project.

    3. Support your Future Employees

    Want to help shape the education of your future employees? By connecting with students through GrowthHub, you will be providing them with the invaluable experience of working with a real client and the opportunity to grow their employable skills.

Participating Businesses

Fall 2021 Project Showcase