We are pleased to share the list of candidates and their information for our 2024 North Vancouver Chamber Board of Directors Election.

We thank all candidates for putting themselves forward in service to the North Vancouver Chamber and the local business community we represent.

As a member, please learn more about the following candidates and make an informed decision when casting your votes:

Note: Candidates are in alphabetical order by first name. 

Brian Williams – Blueshore Financial

Brian Williams CroppedWith over 23 years of service at BlueShore Financial, I bring a wealth of experience in financial management and client relations to the table. As the AVP Client Experience, I’ve honed my skills in understanding and meeting the diverse needs of our valued clients. Born and raised in North Vancouver, I have a deep-rooted passion for our community and its economic prosperity. Throughout my career, I’ve witnessed the evolution of our local business landscape and am eager to contribute to its continued growth and success. Serving on the board of directors for the North Vancouver Chamber of Commerce is not just a professional opportunity for me; it’s a chance to give back to the place that has shaped me. With a firm belief in collaboration and innovation, I am committed to fostering partnerships and initiatives that will enhance the vitality of our business community. Together, let’s pave the way for a brighter future in North Vancouver, where businesses flourish, and prosperity is accessible to all.


Lisa Warren – Sunrise Living, Lynn Valley (Incumbent)

Lisa WarrenI’m Lisa Warren, Senior Director of Sales, at Sunrise of Lynn Valley, a career well-suited for my compassion as I champion the quality of life for seniors. I have a diverse background of nearly 30 years in marketing and sales and have served in numerous volunteer and community pursuits. As a Chamber Board member also serving on the Executive Board, I believe my efforts have made a difference. I took the lead on writing a policy on how the challenges associated with senior care impacts the business community that was successfully adopted by the BC Chamber business membership by 95.2% support. I’m proud to live and work in this vibrant community and want to make a difference.



Mike Pour – Allego Global (Incumbent)

Mike Pour - Canada MDMike (Mehdi) Khajeh Pour, founder and CEO of Allego Global Group, brings over 15 years of experience in building companies from the ground up across seven countries. With a vision centered on promoting zero waste/discharge treatment technologies and micro-plastic-free products, Mike established Envirowise, an e-commerce B2B platform dedicated to distributing eco-friendly solutions globally. His commitment to sustainability extends beyond business, as seen in his active involvement as a board member of the North Vancouver Chamber of Commerce for two years. Driven by a desire to foster a greener future, Mike leverages his background in Mechanical Engineering and his Business Management Certificate to advocate for environmentally conscious practices within industries. His academic achievements include an MBA from Julius-Maximilians-University of Würzburg, Germany, reflecting his dedication to professional growth and innovation. Transitioning from the oil and gas sector, Mike’s journey towards environmental stewardship underscores his unwavering commitment to fostering positive change. As a member of the Better Business Bureau’s board of directors and a leader in promoting sustainable alternatives, Mike stands poised to contribute his expertise and passion towards advancing the North Vancouver business community’s interests.

Peiman Javdan – The Cooperators

Peiman JavdanPeiman Javdan is not only an accomplished professional but also a visionary leader with a clear mission. With over 23 years of experience in the insurance and financial sectors, Peiman’s journey began in 2006 when he established his own insurance agency at the young age of 24. Today, as the head of a dynamic team offering a wide array of financial and insurance solutions, Peiman’s vision is to become an innovative, inspirational, and value-driven entrepreneur and leader in the finance and insurance industry. His approach is grounded in professionalism, genuine care for his clients, and a commitment to continuous learning and self-improvement. Peiman’s ultimate goal is to derive joy from securing Canadian lives and making a meaningful difference in people’s lives, aligning perfectly with his belief that helping society is a noble pursuit. This vision drives his every action, both professionally and personally, as evidenced by his dedication to community service and philanthropic endeavours.


Sheila Lively – PARC Cedar Springs

Sheila_400x400_bSheila is a current resident of North Vancouver and is the General Manager at Cedar Springs PARC owned and operated by PARC Retirement Living, who also operates Summerhill PARC on Lonsdale and 15th Avenue. Sheila possesses over 35 years of experience in the tourism, hospitality management and senior living sector. From five-star luxury hotel chains such as Fairmont Hotels and Resorts, Marriott Hotels, and WestJet, as an ambassador to promote international tourist visitation, collaborate with tourism boards, local businesses and travel associations. She also brings her extensive experience as a member of the Richmond Chamber of Commerce where she was awarded with the 2022 top 3 finalist award for Best New Business. Over 15 years of volunteering at the Boys & Girls Club and various women’s shelters in Ottawa, Alberta and BC. Sheila is passionate about senior advocacy, to provide independent residents and their families ways to explore vibrancy, companionship, and engagement within their community. 

Shirin Saleh – 88West Realty

Shirin would be an exemplary board member for the North Vancouver Chamber of Commerce for the following reasons: Leadership: Shirin is the owner/founder of 88West Realty in North Vancouver. Leading about 65 staff and licensees is a testament to her visionary leadership and business acumen. Her experience would bring valuable insights into fostering business growth and innovation within the chamber. Commitment to Local Businesses: Demonstrated through her initiatives to support local small businesses. Shirin has a deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities facing local commerce. Extensive Network: As the Director of Board of Greater Vancouver Realtors, representing 15,000 licensees, Shirin has a broad network of business contacts.  She is also a community leader within Iranian community. This network could facilitate sponsorships and collaborations, enhancing the chamber’s reach and impact. Educational Background: Shirin’s academic achievements underline her commitment to knowledge and continuous learning. She could bring research-based approach to chamber initiatives. Commitment: Her commitment to board responsibilities is unparalleled; she pledges her time and resources fully once on board. Shirin’s blend of entrepreneurial success, community spirit, networking prowess, and commitment to excellence makes her an ideal candidate for the board of the NVC, poised to contribute significantly to its goals.

Yalda Ahmadvand – DEA College (Incumbent)

Yalda Ahmadvand Headshot 2024Yalda Ahmadvand is a distinguished individual known for her role as the founder and owner of DEA Canadian College. Holding a Master’s degree in Linguistics from the University of Leicester, England, Yalda brings a wealth of academic expertise to her leadership in the field of education. In addition to her contributions to DEA Canadian College, Yalda is actively engaged in the broader educational community. She serves on the board of TESL Canada, where she holds the position of Professional Development Director. This role reflects her commitment to advancing the field of Teaching English as a Second Language (TESL) and ensuring the highest standards of professional development. Beyond her academic endeavors, Yalda is a dedicated advocate for female entrepreneurship. She is the visionary founder of Femmes Alpha, a non-profit association designed to inspire and empower women in British Columbia. Femmes Alpha carries out its mission by encouraging and supporting women in transforming their ideas into reality and building successful businesses. Yalda’s leadership in this initiative underscores her commitment to fostering a supportive community for female entrepreneurs, contributing to their growth and success.

Election day is Friday, April 19 when all balloting is closed.