North Shore Anti Racism

North Shore Racism Response Protocol

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The North Vancouver Chamber is proud to support and share this valuable community resource created by Impact North Shore.

The protocol was developed with input from the North Shore Anti-Racism Network, whose active membership includes representatives from over 20 organizations across the North Shore.   The goal of the North Shore Racism Response Protocol is to reduce harm and increase safety across the North Shore through developing effective,  coordinated responses to incidents of racial discrimination, racism and hate.

The protocol is divided into 4 key sections or steps:

  1. Safety & Prevention
  2. Taking Charge
  3. Event Documenting and Reporting, and
  4. Providing Care

While we recommend reviewing the protocol in its entirety, we realize that a practical application could be to first focus on the area of immediate concern, i.e., identifying and recommending community resources and support for people who have either experienced or have witnessed racist incidents (step 4 above, providing care).

We further introduced our 4 S framework for being active witnesses and safely intervening to stop racist incidents in communities. The framework involves: seeing, speaking out, stopping the racist incident, and supporting the people experiencing racism. It highlights real examples of racist incidents and actions that support people experiencing racism.

This additional online web resource focuses on the step to taking charge. How to Disrupt Racist Incidents Through Active Witnessing – Impact North Shore.

Other resources include a Poster and Folding Card to encourage and support your sharing information about the protocol across your networks.

The North Shore Racism Response Protocol is a publicly available resource distributed through the North Shore Anti-Racism Network.