Students in the Tourism and Climate Change (TOUR 307) class of Capilano University, led by Instructor Roy Jantzen, worked with us at the NV Chamber to create a climate change mitigation information resource that would help businesses mitigate their CO2 emissions, while adapting to the changing climate.  In recent membership surveys, the NV Chamber has found that climate change is among the top issues of concern, right after Transportation, Housing and Finding Staff.

What is GrowthHub?


This business to student collaboration will result in an online resource (coming soon) that provides specific and pragmatic ideas on the best and most effective ways to take action on climate change.   In support of Cap U student “Work Integrated Learning“, the GrowthHub partnership between the NV Chamber and Capilano University has once again shown how businesses and students can learn from each other in a supportive community.

We applaud this work as an example of how projects from the business community can provide real-life benefit to both local businesses and ongoing student learning. Thank you so much again to the leadership of Instructor Roy Jantzen and the Spring 2023 students who stepped up with enthusiasm.

If you have a project of any kind that you need help with, contact us at the NV Chamber and we will try to match you through GrowthHub.