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Overcoming Barriers is Key to E-Bikes as a Commuting Solution 

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Getting to and from work in North Vancouver can be a challenge. Employers tell us everyday traffic congestion affects their ability to do business and makes it difficult to attract and retain employees.

Working with employers to find local solutions to local challenges is part of what the Economic Partnership North Vancouver (EPNV) is all about. Recently, EPNV and OHM Cycles collaborated to develop the E-Bike to Work Week pilot project. The project was designed to explore the benefits and challenges of commuting by e-bike for North Vancouver employees.

For one week (May 28 to June 1) four participants replaced their regular mode of transportation with e-bikes. They documented their experience daily and completed surveys before and after the project .

Here’s what we found…

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Special thanks to OHM Cycles for producing the summary video.

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Learn more in the E-Bike to Work Week Final Report.

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