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We asked the North Vancouver municipal Mayoral and Council candidates where they stand on the top issues facing North Vancouver businesses: Transportation, Employment, Housing, Red Tape and Community. Check out Candidate Corner between now and October 20 to read the Candidate Responses to the following questions…

Question 1: The number one economic issue for North Vancouver business is transportation. The Chamber has championed a fixed link connection for the North Shore, and is calling on the provincial government to quantify the economic impacts of the existing transportation infrastructure on North Vancouver’s competitiveness, productivity and economic growth. What are your specific priorities in the next four years to improve the transportation of people and goods on the North Shore?

Question 2: Last year a North Vancouver Chamber survey highlighted that many businesses have challenges attracting and retaining employees, to the extent that they are considering moving their businesses from North Vancouver. What will you do to ensure that businesses and the family jobs they create remain in North Vancouver?

Question 3: Our businesses observe that they are suffering from brain drain to communities such as Squamish and those in the Fraser Valley. What will you do to ensure that employees can afford to live where they work in North Vancouver, which will not only improve the pool of local employees but will also contribute to reduced bridge congestion?

Question 4: The Inter-municipal (Mobile) Business License is an example of a policy that reduces cost and administration for small business. What is one business-enabling policy initiative you would like to see introduced in North Vancouver?

Question 5: The North Vancouver Chamber believes that a complete community provides convenient access to an appropriate mix of jobs, a full range of housing, local services, and community infrastructure such as convenient access to public transportation, schools, recreation and open space for residents. What specifically would you do to make North Vancouver a more complete community?


Visit Candidate Corner between now and October 20 to find out what the Candidates had to say.