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In an effort to keep E-Bike to Work Week trial a viable option for employers we have worked with OHM Cycles to keep the cost of participating in the trial as low as possible. Each participant is required to pay $150/week to cover liability insurance, use of the e-bike, use of a high quality lock and e-bike maintenance before/after the trial week.

Employers can elect to pay the full cost themselves, share the cost with participating employees, or have employees pay the full cost – it’s entirely up to you!

Also, safety is of the utmost importance so participants are required to have their own bike helmet and attend a mandatory orientation session which includes bike features, battery charging, routing between work and home, road safety and signing an insurance waiver. (The insurance agreement is between each employee and OHM Cycles.)

Additionally, as the intention of E-Bike to Work Week is to better understand e-biking as a viable commuting option for North Vancouver employees, we’re asking each participant to do a short online survey before and after the trial to let us know what their experience was like. There is also a short survey for employers to complete to help us understand the pros and cons of commuting by e-bike from an employer perspective!

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