Job Seeker and Employer Challenges Don’t Always Match.

Collectively, the BC Chamber of Commerce network is proud to announce the launch of the highly anticipated “Addressing the Labour Market Gap Report, funded by the Ministry of Social Development and Poverty Reduction.  Thanks to all North Vancouver businesses who participated in this province wide survey we shared earlier in the year.

Acknowledging that addressing the labour market gap is as much about social development and poverty reduction as it is about economic development and support for businesses, the BC Chamber of Commerce and its members are grateful to Minister Malcolmson for her Ministry’s investment in this work to identify the gaps and solutions to bridge them.

Employers Need to Adapt

In recent years, employers have found themselves grappling with the pressing need to adapt to the needs and expectations of job-seekers to attract and retain skilled staff. Meanwhile, job-seekers face the daunting task of securing employment despite the myriad of opportunities available.

The “Addressing the Labour Market Gap Report” is the culmination of an extensive research effort, drawing upon the valuable input of 1,225 job-seekers and 812 employers. The provincial survey, promoted through the BC Chamber of Commerce network, BCMindReader community and Work BC sites, presents insights that will inform the solutions needed to bridge the gap between employer expectations and job-seeker aspirations.

The report identifies a number of gaps, that include:

  1. Just over 50% of employers described challenges finding qualified candidates within the salary range they offered, while nearly 50% of job-seekers found it challenging to find jobs that met their salary expectations.
  2. Job-seekers are struggling to identify and negotiate compensation for the work they seek. Employers are struggling to find time to administer a recruitment process and define a salary range.
  3. Over 60% of employers reported having a range of employee policies in the workplace including on-the-job training, role expectations and conflict resolution, yet the majority of job-seekers cited a lack of such policies in their previous workplace.
Media Coverage:

Sheila Malcolmson, Minister of Social Development and Poverty Reduction:

“We all want people in British Columbia to have the opportunity to participate in their community, feel valued, and share in the prosperity of our province. Our government is working hard to support vulnerable populations by connecting them with the financial, community and employment supports they need.”

Fiona Famulak, President and CEO, BC Chamber of Commerce:

“Our members tell us that one of the most difficult challenges they face is to attract and retain talent. The BC Chamber of Commerce therefore encourages all stakeholders, including employers, job-seekers, and policymakers, to review the research findings, which will inform the solutions needed to bridge the gap and build a stronger, more resilient labour market that meets the needs of both employers and job-seekers.”

To access the full “Addressing the Labour Market Gap Insights Report,” please visit