North Vancouver Employers join forces to tackle Transportation

L to R: Angus of Hatfield Consultants, Leona of COW North America and Nancy and Alice of Arc'teryx

Getting to and from work in North Vancouver can be a challenge. Employers tell us everyday traffic congestion affects their ability to deliver goods and services, and makes it difficult to attract and retain employees.

From May 28 to June 1 four (4) participants will commute by electric bikes (e-Bikes) provided by Ohm Cycles to participate in #eBiketoWork Week. The pilot, an initiative of Economic Partnership North Vancouver (EPNV), brings together participants from Arc’teryx, COWI North America and Hatfield Consulting, who will document their experience daily through social media.

The #eBiketoWork Week project is an example of what we do at the Economic Partnership North Vancouver (EPNV).

By bringing businesses together we can better understand what motivates people to choose alternative transportation options and find solutions that work for North Vancouver.  Through this pilot our goals are; 1) to learn about both the advantages and practical challenges of commuting by e-bike and 2) to understand what barriers and motivations North Vancouver employees have to adopting e-bikes as a method of commuting.

Meet the Riders