An Inside look at Seaspan

Being a port city uniquely positions North Vancouver as the ideal location for a diverse trading economy and shipbuilding has been part of that identity for well over a century. Last week, a few of the Chamber staff had the opportunity to visit two of the Seaspan Shipyards locations; Vancouver Drydock and Vancouver Shipyards to get an inside look at the shipbuilding and ship repair processes.

After seeing Vancouver Shipyards in action, shipbuilding really is a lot like working with really big Lego. Each ship starts out as sheets of steel, which are then cut to specification and assembled into larger pieces, building blocks if you will.  Those building blocks are then welded together in just the right way to create a ship.  The current ship being built is comprised of 37 building blocks and is one of the smaller ships built at Seaspan.

Seaspan Shipyards is the largest manufacturer in Metro Vancouver.  It’s great to see the world-class work happening right in our own backyard.


Special Thanks to Paul Hebson, VP and GM, Seaspan Vancouver Drydock and Nicholas Insley, Manager, Public Affairs, Seaspan Vancouver Shipyards for showing us around.