Nathalie Callender is the CEO at North Shore ConneXions Society, providing multiple services for adults and children living with developmental disabilities on the North Shore. She passionately leads various programs that benefit not only people with disabilities but also the local community such as employment services, social enterprises, and recreation services.

With an education in psychology and hypnotherapy, one of Nathalie’s favourite topics is personality and how our methods of communication are understood by each other.

Nathalie is also known internationally for her current role as Global Operations Director at Trebuchet Pivot, a crisis management firm based in Australia training boards and executive teams to make effective decisions during crises.

Nathalie’s entrepreneurial career spans continents and industries. Selling her accounting & business solutions firm in Australia in 2006, she moved to Canada, building and operating a 10 year business in the entertainment industry elevating the careers of talented performers internationally through artist promotion and music & video awards.

As a North Shore business and home owner for 12 years, Nathalie is excited about and invested in the future of business and lifestyle in her local community.