Depending on your particular business needs, there a number of ways that a Chamber Membership can help your business.
i. Advocacy – The North Vancouver Chamber is the voice of business for our region. We lead the way in promoting North Vancouver as a strong, vibrant economy, by focusing on big opportunities and challenges for local prosperity.
ii. Networking – The North Vancouver Chamber builds connections. We bring you and your businesses together through membership and events and connect our members to clients, government, programs and resources that help their businesses grow. Our Members benefit by collectively working together to strengthen their businesses and as a result, build community.
iii. Support – As a community builder, the North Vancouver Chamber takes on the big challenges so you can focus on growing your business. We make business ownership easier by offering a variety of services and benefits to help members promote their business and overcome obstacles to business growth.
iv. Please call us at 604-987-4488 and we can tell you more about how the Chamber can help you and your business.