Workforce & Employment

A talented, skilled, and growing workforce lives and works in North Vancouver. Since 2011, the population has grown by 3.5% and the regional economy is expected to expand by 3.5% in 2016, up slightly from 3.4% last year. This growth means we’ve got the human capital to meet industry needs.

Photo Credit: Korna Pets
North Vancouver Workforce Skill Level Overview
Skill Level North Vancouver Metro Vancouver
Managers 6,765 131,305
Professionals 10,910 222,740
or apprenticeship training
15,640 297,010
school or job-specific training
12,030 283,725
4,670 97,385
TOTAL 50,015 1,032,165

SOURCE: Statistics Canada, National Household Survey

North Vancouver Workforce Skill Level Breakdown (%)
SOURCE: Statistics Canada, National Household Survey


When it comes to the local workforce, North Vancouver has a distinct advantage as an attractive place to live. Our world-class outdoor lifestyle continues to draw people from around Greater Vancouver and other regions.

North Vancouver has about 80 jobs located within its boundaries for every 100 employed residents. In other words, it is a net exporter of 20% of its workforce to other locations. As a result, local businesses who offer local jobs and shorter commutes offer a lot to workers making their home here instead of elsewhere in the Lower Mainland.

Employment Breakdown by Sector in North Vancouver
Sector Jobs (#) Workforce (%)
6,685 13.4%
care & social assistance
6,500 13.0%
scientific & technical services
5,990 12.0%
Educational services 4,075 8.1%
Finance & insurance 3,865 7.7%
Accommodation & food services 3,450 6.9%
Other services 3,015 6.0%
Manufacturing 2,540 5.1%
Public administration 2,075 4.1%
Construction 1,990 4.0%
Administrative & support, waste management, remediation services 1,765 3.5%
Transportation & warehousing 1,675 3.3%
Real estate, rental & leasing 1,535 3.1%
Arts, entertainment & recreation 1,495 3.0%
Wholesale trade 1,445 2.9%
Information & cultural industries 1,435 2.9%
Mining, quarrying, oil & gas extraction 200 0.4%
Utilities 130 0.3%
Agriculture, forestry, fishing & hunting 105 0.2%
Management of companies & enterprises 50 0.1%
TOTAL 50,020 100.00%

SOURCE: Statistics Canada, National Household Survey

While 50,000 residents live and work in North Vancouver, nearly 20,000 workers commute from other communities to their jobs in North Vancouver:

So why do people live, work, and commute to North Vancouver everyday? One of the reasons is the vast number of opportunities in traditional, innovative and artistic industries in North Vancouver.

Plus, we’ve got the right resources to educate, train, and prepare for our future workforce. This combination of education facilities and job opportunities creates a great opportunity for sustaining both the local workforce and growing new and existing businesses.