Be a Volunteer Workshop Presenter

Who should apply?

Subject matter experts who would like to demonstrate their expertise by sharing valuable tactics and tools that can help businesses thrive.

Why should you apply?

  • To engage with like minded professionals and connect or continue to create an active business network.
  • By facilitating an effective workshop, you will likely be top of mind for attendees should they require services/help/assistance.
  • The opportunity to host the workshop in your place of business.

Can I promote my business or present a sales pitch?

Not during the workshop or as part of the material being presented.

How will the Chamber support me?

The Chamber will organize registration and promote the event through our communication channels. We will also book an event venue space and provide basic AV equipment if required.

How does the process work?

If you are interested please begin by filling out the application form below. We review the applications on an ongoing basis and assess them based on how well they match the needs and learning priorities of our membership. Within 14 days of receiving your application, we will contact you to discuss how we would like to move forward.