Voting Matters!

L to R: Angus of Hatfield Consultants, Leona of COW North America and Nancy and Alice of Arc'teryx

North Shore Community Resources (NSCR) is partnering with North Shore News to get the word out about the importance of voting in the upcoming municipal election, and needs your help!

14 voter stories will be featured in the North Shore News and on the We Vote North Shore website. Are you: a new citizen? A young voter? Do you encourage others to vote? Do you share election information with your family?

Email  if you have a story to share or visit to submit your voting story online!

We Vote North Shore are organizations that believe in citizen engagement including the importance of voting in democratic elections. We will work to encourage non-partisan voter education and engagement including distributing non-partisan voting information to the public. To learn more about We Vote North Shore visit: